If you want to get effective professional help to reduce your memory loss, attention deficit,
slow processing or weak reasoning and organization, or simply sharpen your cognitive skills
to be more competitive - you are in the right place at the right time! We offer the smart way
jump start your career and beat your competition - with the help of our unique Cognitive
Coaching program based on the latest research-backed achievements in neuroscience that
strengthen neural connectivity of brain functioning.  

We offer a well-rounded comprehensive approach. We strengthen your memory, attention,
thinking, processing speed, and focus while also improving your motivation and decreasing
anxiety, sadness, and frustration.

A rapidly growing number of adults utilize cognitive coaching to improve their thinking,
reasoning, processing, memory, and attention. Sometimes adults need such help as well to
enhance their work performance, retrain themselves for a new career, or attain better
academic achievement in graduate school.  Many adults are presently changing their career
to accommodate our current job market.

Career change is a very demanding process that may require individuals to utilize those
cognitive skills that are not particularly strong. Employers are becoming more demanding in
terms of productivity and original personal input of employees. Those employees that
struggle with a mild memory loss, long standing attention deficit, slow processing, poor
organization, weak reasoning or thinking, often under-perform at work. Thus, employees
with cognitive problems often become a subject to layoffs.  Indeed, cognitive weaknesses
prevent individuals from acquiring job-related new skills, brainstorming unique ideas,
remembering details of meetings, or even contemplating a new career.

Our experts, under the leadership of a Harvard-trained neuropsychologist, Dr. Danov, PhD,
Cognitive Coaching to develop and strengthen weak cognitive skills using
research-proven methods of cognitive training and Neurofeedback. We help to  improve
thinking, processing, organization, reasoning, attention and memory to boost your job
performance, academic achievement, and to enhance your career advancement. We also
offer assessments that help to determine your profile of strengths and weaknesses, which
will help to determine the best career path.   


Cognitive coaching involves systematic, structured training in areas of identified cognitive
deficits or weaknesses. The ultimate goal of cognitive coaching is to improve and
rehabilitate memory, attention, reasoning, information processing, organization,
comprehension, retention, focus, understanding, and thinking abilities, and, thus, improve
functioning in all aspects of personal life and professional career. There is no age limit for
cognitive coaching and for getting help to improve your memory and thinking!

Coaching may be restorative (focus on retraining and improving impaired memory,
attention, reasoning, organization, thinking, information processing skills). It can also be
compensatory (teaching strategies and techniques to cope with existing impairment in
memory, organization, thinking, processing, attention, and sustained focus). It may combine
both coaching approaches.

Coaching also involves improved motivation and self-esteem, as well as decreased
performance anxiety and test anxiety.

Cognitive coaching is effective for individuals who are undergoing or planning to initiate a
career change. It is also effective for people who are at disadvantage at work due to weak
memory, attention, thinking, organization, and reasoning. Coaching is effective for adults
who are re-entering academic system to re-train for a new career.

Cognitive coaching is a non-medicinal (without medication) training that involves individually
tailored cognitive exercises developed by a Neuropsychologist to retrain and/or improve
impaired focus, memory, organization, reasoning, thinking, and processing skills. We use
research-backed, state-of-the-art achievement in neuroscience cognitive training methods,
including Metronome and Neurofeedback .

Our experts teach various strategies to use your intact abilities in order to compensate for
the impaired memory, attention, thinking, organization, and processing skills.

Cognitive coaching differs greatly from self-initiated, home based cognitive
exercises, such as computer games, puzzles, etc., which leave you guessing whether you
are targeting the right weaknesses and whether you are truly improving. By contrast, we
offer an objective assessment of weak abilities and precisely developed exercises to
improve your memory, attention deficit, poor organization, reasoning, reasoning, and slow

In-office, professionally delivered cognitive coaching includes close monitoring and
adjustment of the process by a neuropsychologist, Dr.Danov, PhD, who
develops and
specific exercises that precisely target person's cognitive deficits and relate to their
life and work, and timely feedback to the patients – all to ensure an effective coaching that
does not waste time and delivers long-term effect to benefit your career or academic
pursuits. Constant monitoring and adjustment of your training by an expert who knows how
your brain works and knows your learning style and cognitive profile, is critical. one-size fits
all approach cannot apply to your brain and your success. You have a unique learning style
and cognitive strengths and weaknesses that computer games cannot predict and assess.   

There is no substitute for an experienced profession that will assess your cognitive skills
and develop a personal  approach to improve them. Our cognitive coaching enhances the
persons overall memory, focus, thinking, processing, and attention functioning, and, thus,
helps retain or regain their employment, succeed in a career change and additional studies,
and increase personal independence. Demand high-end quality service for your most
precious possession- your mind.

If you want to get an effective, professional help in reducing your memory loss, attention
deficit, slow processing or weak reasoning and organization, and other cognitive problems,
you are in the right place at the right time - cognitive coaching can help you!   
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