Our Educational Specialists help students in grades K-12 improve reading, reading comprehension, reading fluency, attention to
details, phonemic awareness necessary for reading, math reasoning, math problem solving, organization and sequencing of math
concepts, spelling and writing skills, focus, attention span, memory, organization, sequencing, auditory processing, visual spatial
processing, memory retention of reading text, listening and attention to class instructions, eye-hand coordination, critical thinking, and
processing speed.  Confidence and motivation also improve along with improved reading fluency, reading comprehension, math,
writing academic achievement skills and better attention span, attention to details, phonemic awareness, memory, organization,
sequencing, reading and processing speed.
Common Core Standards and fierce job market competition have significantly
increased the demand on quick learning, fast thinking, strong memory, good reading comprehension, better attention, organization
and multitasking. Individuals with ADD, ADHD, Reading Learning Disability, Dyslexia, Math Learning Disability, Writing Learning
Disability, slow reading and processing speed, weak reading comprehension, and short attention span usually have difficulty keeping
up with the Common Core demands and timed tests like P SAT, SH SAT, SAT, ISEE, and GRE where strong reading comprehension,
reading and processing speed, attention to details and memory are required.

We can help your child survive the Common Core educational demands and improve academic achievement performance.       
We can help adults determine if attention and memory problems are age related and improve memory, attention, organization,
multitasking, and reasoning at any age.   

Our Harvard-trained Neuropsychologist provides comprehensive Psychoeducational, Academic Achievement Educational Evaluations,
IQ Testing, and Neuropsychological Assessments to diagnose ADHD, ADD, Autism, PDD, LD, Dyslexia, Writing Learning Disability,
Math Learning Disability, Reading Learning Disability, Auditory and Visual Processing and Language Disorder, Motor Coordination,
slow reading and processing speed, attention deficit disorder and other conditions that lead to educational problems, low academic
achievement, low scores on math or reading comprehension state-wide tests, SAT, P SAT, ISEE, SH SAT, GRE, L SAT.  

Accurate diagnosis leads to a timely and effective intervention, treatment, and educational services, as
well as better school placement and eligibility for test accommodations
(e.g., extra time on math or reading
comprehension tests, SAT, P SAT, SH SAT, ISEE, GRE, L SAT, and GRE.

You can't afford to waste another year struggling with low test scores and poor academic achievement when you can work with highly
experienced professionals
who know how the brain works, what causes learning disability and poor academic achievement and,
most importantly,
how to remediate attention deficit, ADHD, ADD, LD, reading comprehension and reading fluency
, math learning disability, reading learning disability, writing learning disability, reading speed and reading comprehension
problems, poor auditory, phonological processing and visual information processing, and weak reasoning skills.

Our expertise extends to an effective educational tutoring and
Cognitive Training and Coaching program (for kids and adults) which is
now enhanced with
NEUROFEEDBACK, METRONOME and FAST FORWORD intervention and treatment systems (without
medication) to improve attention span, attention to details, focus, sequencing, memory, organization, reading, phonemic awareness,
auditory processing, visual processing, reading fluency, reading comprehension, and other cognitive skills using the latest
achievements of Neuroscience and Research. When traditional educational tutoring in reading, reading comprehension, writing and
math is
enriched by scientific models neural brain development used by neuropsychologists, you improve learning
skills and grades through improved attention to details, sequencing, phonemic awareness, auditory processing, reading
comprehension and reading fluency, memory and organization.
If you have short attention span or slow reading processing speed and take a long time for reading comprehension and math problems,
you should take advantage of our cognitive training program and also apply for a
test accommodation. Test accommodation
extra time on SAT, SH SAT, GRE, reading comprehension or math test given in a separate and quiet location. If you are
extra time test accommodation on ISEE, SH SAT, SAT, or GRE, click here to find out whether your slow reading speed,
weak focus and memory or specific learning disability qualify you for
extra time test accommodation on a math, reading
comprehension, ISEE, SAT, or GRE in order to compensate for dyslexia (reading learning disability), math learning disability, writing
learning disability, short attention span, slow reading speed or poor reading comprehension so you can compete with peers without
learning disability.
Download College Board application for test accommodations.  Test accommodation on SAT, GRE, reading
comprehension or math test helps you compensate for short attention span and poor memory, reading comprehension, reading and
processing speed and, instead, lets you demonstrate your true knowledge of the subject.  Extra time test accommodation helps you
raise SAT math, GRE reading comprehension, ISEE, SH SAT, GRE and other attention, memory, processing speed, math and reading
related test scores.  

Psycho-Educational Evaluation, Neuropsychological and Academic Assessment will reveal your learning style with strengths and
weaknesses so you can improve weak attention, memory, reading comprehension, organization, sequencing, phonemic awareness, and
processing speed, diagnose ADHD, ADD, math learning disability, reading learning disability, writing learning disability, or auditory
processing disorder, determine if your attention and memory problems are age related or if your child is gifted but struggles with
Attention Deficit or Autism. Evaluation helps identify specific reasons for your learning or job performance problems so you can
remediate them.

  • improve learning and study skills  
  • improve attention, sequencing, organization and concentration                          
  • improve reading phonemic and auditory processing         
  • improve reading comprehension, memory and retention   
  • improve visual and auditory information processing
  • get evaluation for ADHD, ADD, Autism, LD, Reading Learning Disability, Writing Learning Disability, Math Learning
  • get evaluation for test accommodation to help raise GRE, P SAT, SAT, ISEE, reading comprehension and math scores
  • boost your reading comprehension and math grades as well as confidence and motivation

If your child is struggling in school because of a reading learning disability, math learning disability, writing learning
disability, anxiety, low motivation and confidence, poor reading comprehension, memory, reading and processing
speed, and attention deficit (ADD, ADHD, Attention deficit Disorder)- CALL US, our assessment center is ready to
determine how to HELP YOU SUCCEED!

If you or your child have attention, memory, processing speed, organization and reading comprehension problems and
face fierce competition in school or at work- GET A HEAD-START and invest in your academic and work success now with
the top expert in the field of neuropsychology, neuroscience and education!
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Math and reading tutoring and SAT, GRE, OLSAT test prep
math and reading tutoring and test prep for K-12
Problems with learning, attention, memory, focus, organization, planning,
sequencing, and reasoning skills greatly undermine learning achievements and
professional performance.
If you are reading this page, you have taken the first step on the
path towards better learning, academic success and peace of mind!

We can help children who attend
NYC gifted and talented program but have trouble
sustaining focus on class, finishing tests on time, or phonemically decoding complex words. We
work with kids and adults who can read and answer questions, but
due to poor reading
comprehension, short attention span
, slow reading or processing speed can't finish a
job project, reading comprehension or math test, P SAT, SH SAT, SAT or ISEE reading section,
or GRE reading comprehension section on time. Call us if you can focus on computer games or
a favorite book, but
struggle to pay attention to details and sustain focus at work or
on SAT or GRE test and your SAT and GRE test scores remain low, despite your extra effort to
Are you an adult struggling with
poor memory, attention,
organization, reading
comprehension, or processing
Click here to see how we
can help you impress your
employer, move towards your next
promotion, land a new job, or excel
in your grad school!
Math and reading tutoring and SAT, GRE, OLSAT test prep