• Cognitive testing, educational evaluation, and academic assessment can answer your
    questions about the learning problems that your or your child struggle on a daily basis
    in school, college or at work.
  • Testing can help determine whether you need extra time to complete various work-
    related assignments or tests.
  • Testing and assessment will help identify specific cognitive problems and academic
    weaknesses that prevent you from achieving your goals at work or academic success
    in school.
  • Testing and assessment can determine your cognitive and academic strengths that
    you need to leverage to achieve success in school and get ahead at work.
  • Cognitive testing, educational evaluation and academic assessment help you
    determine the learning style and various cognitive and academic strengths and
    weaknesses that underlie learning problems, possible learning disability, the need for
    extra time on tests and assignments, or simply minor difficulty learning certain
  • Cognitive testing, educational evaluation and academic assessment will help
    determine whether you or your child qualify for extra time on tests, such as SAT, GRE
    or state-wide exams.
  • Cognitive testing, educational evaluation and academic assessment can help
    diagnose a learning disability.

If you want your child to undergo a comprehensive Cognitive Testing, Educational
Evaluation & Academic Assessment by our Learning Specialists, call our office to inquire
about assessments that objectively measure learning and cognitive skills in relation to age
norm and grade level.

NEUROPSYCHOLOGICAL ASSESSMENT  - approx. three 2.5 - 3hr sessions
This is the most comprehensive cognitive testing, psycho-educational evaluation, and
academic assessment.
This evaluation includes:
  • Comprehensive clinical interview to determine any neurological or psychological
    problems that may contribute to or are responsible for learning difficulties.
  • Multiple measures of academic achievement (such as reading comprehension,
    reading speed, verbal math problem solving, phonics, listening skills, spelling and
    essay writing, etc) and cognitive skills (such as memory, attention, reasoning,
    language, motor, processing, etc) which allow to detect fluctuations in performance
    due to anxiety, motivation, poor attention, and impulsivity.
  • Testing will determine whether you need extra time on tests (test accommodations):
    extra time on SAT test, extra time on GRE test, or extra time on state-wide tests.
  • IQ testing
Includes in office consultation with parents and comprehensive written report with description
of a learning style, a learning disability- if any, recommendations for educational and
tutoring goals, as well as likely causes of said educational learning problems, full extent of
cognitive problems and difficulties, learning disability (involving spelling, reading, phonics,
math), and necessary treatments.

Ask about bilingual cognitive testing, educational evaluation and academic assessment.

IQ TEST - approx one to two sessions
IQ test - verbal IQ, nonverbal IQ, and a full IQ scores. Includes test administration, test data
processing, scoring, comparison to the norm, test results analysis, brief telephone
consultation, and a brief written report with description of learning style and
recommendations for tutoring goals. Ask about bilingual educational evaluation, testing and
Starts at $650 for children
Starts at $950 for adults

Learning Specialist will review previous results of neuropsychological/psychological testing
(cognitive skills and problems), educational evaluation or academic assessments (phonics,
reading, math, spelling) or IEP documentation for learning disability, or documentation for
extra time on tests, or any other documentation and assessment reports on learning
disability, educational or cognitive problems. Cost: $250.00
Math and reading tutoring and SAT, GRE, OLSAT test prep
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