Brain Academy is a Tutoring, Testing and Coaching Center for children of all ages and adults to improve weak
cognitive and learning skills and maximize the impact of well-developed cognitive skills to attain stellar academic
achievement and work performance. Our unique tutoring and coaching program was developed by Dr. Danov,
PhD, a Harvard-trained Pediatric and Adult Neuropsychologist.  To found this unique, private Tutoring, Testing
and Coaching Center, Dr. Danov used her extensive experience and knowledge of how the brain works, what
causes specific learning problems, poor organization, and low motivation to learn, and how cognitive problems
(memory loss, and poor attention, retention, organization and focus) can be remediated.

Some children and adults suffer from a distinct learning disability, such as inability to read, spell or perform math
operations.  However, the majority of individuals  with learning problems know how to read, spell, and perform
basic math operations.  What they struggle with is inability to understand and retain a reading passage, answer
questions about a reading text, and formulate thoughts and write coherent sentences and paragraphs.  Many
individuals also struggle with understanding of verbal math problems, breaking verbal math problems down into
information blocks and structuring math concepts to understand how to solve the given math problem.  They
also struggle to analyze verbal math problems and selecting the right math formula.  Most of them struggle to
organize their thoughts, reading material, math formulas, and geometric figures.  Typically, they have poor study
skills and time management abilities, inability to prioritize test questions, organize a reading text, plan and
execute efficient study schedule, and recognize newly learned information in a new format, such as an
analogous math problem or a reading text, or a re-arranged list of words.  

When these students receive traditional tutoring, they mainly review the same class material, read analogous
reading passages, and solve similar math problems. Essentially, there is more repetition and explanation of the
same class material in math or other subjects. Some individuals simply needed an extra example and a little
more time to review the reading passage, understand and remember a new math concept. However, mere
repetition is not sufficient for many students with learning disability, attention deficit, or weak memory and
organization. While they seem to grasp a new math concept or a grammar rule after reviewing a few extra
problems, they often feel at lost when faced with another math problem or a reading comprehension task.  
Despite many hours of reading and preparation for the test, they cannot seem to score well on the actual test,
whether it is GRE, SAT, ISEE, OLSAT, IQ, SHSAT, or regents.

Naturally, adults and children with learning problems feel very frustrated, sad, worried, and angry. They begin to
hate college and school, lose motivation to learn, avoid difficult assignments, all of which further exacerbates
their already weak academic performance. Teachers also have a hard time finding the right approach to such
students.  Ultimately, many individuals with learning problems get trapped in a vicious cycle of learning
difficulties, low self-esteem, poor motivation to learn, emotional distress, and poor academic performance in
math, reading comprehension, science, etc.

This troubling picture of struggling youth with learning problems gets even gloomier when they struggle even
more the following year, when academic demands increase and the benchmark against which academic abilities
are measured are much higher. If these students were able to somehow compensate for poor attention, memory,
organization, and information processing before, they are no longer able to compensate because their cognitive
resources are no longer sufficient enough and their self-esteem is too low. This happens even to very bright
students who suffer from specific learning problems.

How can you break this vicious cycle and help your kids or yourself get out of it and begin to strengthen
cognitive and learning abilities, which ultimately lead to better grades, test scores, and a healthy self-esteem?
Why long hours drilling the spelling words, extra help from a math teacher after a class, resource room for
reading comprehension and spelling, and extra math tutoring at a local learning center or with a neighbor-high
school student are not enough? How can you help these students to learn and feel good about themselves?

As a neuropsychologist who assesses cognitive abilities (memory, organization, auditory information processing,
visual perceptual information processing, attention) and academic skills (math, reading, spelling, reading
comprehension, writing, etc.), I often see kids with various learning problems come back year after year for a
follow up evaluations. Some of them gradually improve over time, while others score even lower than on a
previous psycho-educational and neuropsychological evaluation. For the most part, many kids do not overcome
their learning problems. Why these youngsters do not benefit from educational services such as traditional
academic math and reading tutoring at a local tutoring center, and resource room and remedial math, reading
and spelling services in school?

Many children in today's educational system continue struggling with limited reading comprehension, weak math
reasoning, and other learning problems because the learning and cognitive process of each child is unique, yet
they are all taught using the same methods that disregard individual differences in brain functioning and
cognitive abilities. Sometimes, kids suffer from attention deficit, poor memory and organization, auditory
processing, visual perceptual processing problems, and other cognitive problems that lead to weak learning and
test taking skills.  As adults, they suffer from the same weaknesses.  Unless these core cognitive problems are
remediated, they continue struggle to acquire and retain academic knowledge and complex job instructions that
are based on these core cognitive abilities.  

When I think of the dilemma of learning disability and traditional tutoring and educational remediation, one
metaphor comes to my mind. Let’s say you have developed high fever and you don’t know what caused it. One
approach is to put a cold towel to your head and wait for fever to subside. This is an ineffective, band-aid
approach because it does not detect nor treats the cause of your high fever, which might be some contagious
virus. Another approach is to run some objective tests and clearly determine what caused your fever and then
target that cause. While you can still use a temporary fever relief, the core treatment you should seek is a
complete eradication of this virus.    

Thus, having observed kids receiving traditional tutoring and academic remediation services and not improving
their learning skills, Dr. Danov, PhD, developed a unique tutoring and coaching program that addresses these
issues and really helps improve cognitive and academic performance to succeed in every subject.  The Brain
Academy approach to remediating learning problems is not a temporary band-aid approach, because it
strengthens and improves memory, attention, organization, processing and other cognitive skills from within and
prepares students to acquire and retain new academic ability. For instance, Brain Academy tutoring and
coaching can strengthen a person’s visual perceptual processing via specific tutoring and cognitive coaching
that improve processing and analysis of abstract visual spatial information. Improved visual perceptual
processing via our unique tutoring and coaching, in turn, improves ability to visualize fractions or blocks of
information within a verbal math problem. Improved visual processing also helps processing lengthy reading
material, with multiple paragraphs and blocks of key information.  The latter is achieved via tutoring and
coaching visual spatial analysis and organization. Consequently, strengthened visual perceptual processing
improves math reasoning and math formula analysis.  This unique tutoring and coaching also improves
processing and comprehension of lengthy reading passages.  While some time is also spent on reviewing
specific math concepts and aspects of reading comprehension that a student was struggling with, realistically
improved math and reading comprehension abilities are impossible without improved visual perceptual
processing and analysis via our unique tutoring and coaching technique.  Thus, Brain Academy’s tutoring and
coaching helps students succeed in every subject and, consequently, improves their self-esteem and motivation.
There is always a relationship between improved academic and learning abilities and improved motivation to try
harder to succeed.  

Individuals who have attended the Brain Academy tutoring and coaching services have admitted that homework
hours have become much more manageable, they've developed a good self-esteem, and, most importantly,
began improving in math, reading, writing, science and all subjects because their attention span increased,
memory retention got stronger, and information processing became more accurate and efficient.  These
students began believing in themselves and their abilities, which also helped them do better in class.  

What is so unique about the Brain Academy tutoring and coaching center?  While traditional tutoring focuses on
tutoring students the basic and advanced academic skills, Brain Academy's tutoring and coaching program
focuses on improving weak and inefficient memory, attention, and learning abilities, information processing, and
organization. Dr. Danov has created this elite tutoring and coaching center to improve organization and
motivation to learn, decrease procrastination, and improve all cognitive skills (attention, memory, processing,
organization, etc) which are the building blocks of any successful academic and job performance.  Without
"fixing" and strengthening these building blocks, excellent academic performance is not possible and regular
tutoring is fruitless.

Moreover, traditional tutoring centers typically conduct tutoring in groups, which helps tutoring centers keep the
cost of each session down, but groups lead to same trap students get into in the school - they socialize and
distract each other.  The tutoring sessions at the traditional tutoring centers typically focus on the academic
material that was presented in school in prior days. Realistically, it is impossible to effectively focus on each
person’s unique learning needs, while trying to attend to and tutor several other students in a group. Thus, you
might be paying for the “dead” period of each tutoring session. At the Brain Academy we believe in the most
effective and efficient tutoring and coaching approach – individual tutoring and coaching sessions - where
students learn and advance and are not delayed by the fellow tutoring classmates.

Traditional tutoring centers also offer academic testing that simply assesses current knowledge of math, reading
ability, or another subject. However, such screening does not assess cognitive weaknesses, such as weak
attention, memory or organization,  that contributed to the specific learning problem in the first place.  Brief
academic screening given in traditional tutoring centers simply determines your child’s reading level or math
proficiency…… but you already knew your child could read and do math,  but struggles to understand the
reading text and verbal math problems!  Only a neuropsychologist can objectively assess cognitive and
academic skills and diagnose child with a learning disability, cognitive disorder (attention deficit, memory deficit,
auditory processing deficit, etc), language disorder, or fine motor disorder. The bottom line is that a proper
diagnosis leads to effective remediation of weak memory or attention and learning problems.

Finally, tutors in traditional tutoring centers are often high school students or poorly screened tutors who do not
posses professional knowledge and experience in cognitive development, cognitive, academic and
neuropsychological assessment, and treatment of cognitive weaknesses.  Brain Academy hires only highly
experienced tutors who have a proven track record of excellent learning and high academic achievement. Our
tutors are also personable, warm, organized, experienced, and focused individuals who are determined to
improve student’s academic performance and motivation to learn and succeed. Dr.Danov, an experienced
neuropsychologist, personally develops specific cognitive coaching exercises to develop cognitive skills.  

Our tutoring and coaching center will help you follow the path of success.  In addition to obtaining an effective
tutoring and coaching, Dr. Danov and the Brain Academy also advocate for obtaining specific academic
educational services and test accommodations to help you or your child learn and compensate for cognitive
weaknesses.  Our comprehensive cognitive and academic assessment provides a clear documentation of all
cognitive weaknesses that contribute to daily learning problems and disability. Schools highly regard
neuropsychologist’s conclusions, diagnosis and recommendations and often feel compelled to dispense
educational services based on neuropsychologist’s recommendation.  A combination of sufficient educational
academic services in school and effective tutoring and coaching services at the Brain Academy provides a solid
ground for improving overall learning, academic and professional success.  We support and facilitate the
improvement of memory, attention span, organization, auditory processing, visual spatial processing, and
reasoning skills, all of which leads to a quick acquisition and retention of strong reading comprehension, sharp
math problem solving, efficient organization of lengthy reading or geometric material, as well as coherent essays
and well planned test taking process.  

We can also
unlock your or your child's true learning potential by revealing unique learning style via Cognitive,
Educational, and Academic Testing before the tutoring begins. Find out if your child needs extra time on tests.   
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